Looking Your Best

When creating a classic portrait, several factors come into play in order to deliver a beautiful piece of art for your family and home.  A successful portrait is done through proper choice in background and lighting as well as clothing styles and colors. 

Classic portraits done at Nihart Photography require formal dress attire.  This is the portrait where you look your best.  This is like a glance in the mirror. 

For many, this is the most elegant portrait that hangs in their home. In general, it is requested that you wear dark clothing, as that will allow the portrait to keep the focus on the face.  Lighter clothing isn't appropriate with the design of our classic portraits.

The best advice for a classic portrait done by Nihart Photography is as follows:

Ladies:  Dark dress or gown.  Little to no patterns is preferred.  White lace around a collar is okay.  Classic jewelry such as diamonds and pearls are a lovely choice.  Some color choices would be navy, dark green, black, burgundy, etc. 

Men: Dark Jackets such as a tuxedo or a suit paired with a white shirt, tie and dark pants make for a classic look. 

Young Girls: Dark or jewel toned solid dresses are preferred, but ivory, cream or white are also acceptable if they are 4 or under.  Long sleeves are recommended for adults, but girls usually are preferred to have short or no sleeves.  

Young Boys:  Boys' attire is similar to the Mens' attire.  Solid dark sweaters also work nicely.  For boys 4 and under, a white shirt and bow tie would be a terrific look.  

Classic can be done casually however, the feel of the image will be different.  It would still hold true to having a classic feel with the help of some guidelines.  Clothing still needs to be simple and classic; something that would be acceptable in 20+ years in the future.  This style of portraiture is not the time to be trendy.  Its focus is to draw attention to the faces and eyes of those in the portrait not the clothing.  


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