We recommend having pieces of art in your home that will have longevity and be passed along for future generations.  Therefore, I am not about creating images that will showcase your family online but rather in your home, on your wall, and in albums so they will be seen as a token to those you cherish (love and honor).   With this in mind, my sessions and offerings have been carefully selected to help provide you with  gifts of intimate remembrance for those endearing stages of life.  

You will make an investment because the value of your portraiture will grow as life happens. It won't be disposable or up for sale, like your couch and something you will never  swipe them away.  

Newborn and Baby's Special Milestones

Newborn Session will capture the essence of a newborn

Click here to see our new born session 

Toddler Years:

A beautiful and engaging color portrait is a wonderful way to help you remember the innocents of your curious, clingy,  or independent and ever changing little person.  In addition, it's a wonderful time to capture the bond between Mother and Child.  

At age 2, your child(ren) have presented a lot more personality.  They are energized and determined to move forward and take charge.  Having black and white relationship portraits created at this time would bring into your home, memories of simple love and laughter for you child(ren).  Parents are included as props to help provide comfort and stablity.  

At age 3,   your child takes in knowledge about himself or herself and the world around.  S/He can follow simple directions and begin to notice other people's moods and feelings, laugh at silly jokes or ideas.  Their young mind and imagination will come alive at this age.  I believe, a beautiful and simply created color portrait can provide a timeless capture for your home as it will forever be a reminder of their amazing personality.


Out of the toddlerhood and into childhood, school projects, new friends, missing teeth, your baby is growing up.  At age 5, a color portrait is a wonderfully way to  focuses on his or her unique and unabashed personality.  

A color portrait is also suggested for the family when a child is 7 years of age.  Having an image at this point in time allows you to reflect on the time before your child moved into the youth stage of life.  

Crossing over into double digits with your child is a busy and interesting time for all.  It's a time when many memories are quickly happening.   It's also a time I suggest a black and white portrait for your family.  A black and white image will allow you to remember the emotion of those years. 

Young Adults

At age 16,  new experiences are on the horizon.  Your baby  soon will be behind the wheel of a car and off earning income.  Your baby isn't a baby for sure!  Because so much is going to happen as your child gains more independence, a color portrait is a beautiful way to remember their youthful personality.  

Upon graduation time, age 17 and 18, Seniors have a lot to say about who they are.  Doing a unique Senior session is a collaborate way to have images you and s/he will love.  

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