Session Fee is $100.00 and due upon reservation of a chosen date. •It is non-refundable; however should you cancel, it is transferable to available date. Outdoor sessions are recommended for all families but, especially for families with toddlers. This session is fun and casual. The portrait arrangements are built around the children because there is definitely more energy and motion with the young ones. And, the location(s) doesn’t need to be expansive it just needs to be a safe place with just the right amount of distractions (no playgrounds). Also, fall time is a great time for families with young children because the sun sets sooner and you can get them to bed on time. For families with older children, we can be more specific and create a look that works for your home environment. The session will take place 90 minutes prior to sunset. During our consultation appointment, we will discuss your needs, your family, coordinate clothing and location so we make the most out of the session. We will go over how best prepare for your session!

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