Milestone Plan

4 months (pushing up)

8 months (sitting up)

12 months (standing up/birthday) 

Sessions are non transferable

This collection is designed to emphasis new life, growth and personality. Capturing your child when they are pushing themselves up, sitting up independently, and standing up  will provide you beautiful, engaging and essential images of your child's life.

Session Fee  is $150.00

The session fee is  non-refundable; however should you cancel, it is transferable to available date.

When you enroll for this plan,  you are encourage to bring along props, grandparents, special toys or blankets.  

Because our little ones don't have the longest of attention span, it is limited to one child per plan. 

4 Months

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Come in for a session, when your baby is on his or her belly and can hold his or her head up. When your child reaches this milestone you will be able to add a beautiful portrait to your wall or album. It is also a time to get them on their back and see how much they love their toes and hands. Oh, so don’t worry about the shoes and socks, we won’t need them. This is a time to capture those engaging eyes and delightful personalities (smiling faces or not) that you will look back on with great fondness. Now, attention spans are shorter due to their need to eat and nap more frequently therefore we’ll be best prepared with a short discussion about how to maximize our time. Keeping clothing simple and to a minimum will allow for less fuss and a happier baby. At this session, as an added bonus, mom and/or dad are encouraged to be in a few pictures. I’ll capture the parents sharing some adorable interactive moments of baby talk, snuggles, kisses and finger holding as baby is sitting in your lap.

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6-8 Months

Once your child is able to sit up unassisted, it’s a great time to capture those adorable faces he or she delights us with. It’s an added bonus to get them in the studio before they start quickly crawling. When your child is able to sit we can create lasting portraits  with the use of a few props and different outfit changes. We can achieve beautiful additions to your album or portfolio box as well as add to a wall collection. Bring along grandma and grandpa because this is the time when babies like to be held.

Baby is ONE!!!


Happy Birthday!

This is the session where anything can happen, especially beautiful  portraits  for your family. Your little one maybe on the go; walking, crawling, or just hanging out enjoying the world around. Whatever your child is doing at ONE, celebrate it. Celebrate it all! This is a perfect time to get the whole family together for the free family session. At this session we will  create beautiful portraits  of your child in an outfit that you bring in.  We will capture some essential and engaging moments of him or her sitting, standing/walking. These will be forever portraits to add to your collection. Now childhood is all about experience so we will get as messy as your baby’s heart desires and end the session with a cake smash opportunity.  You provide a cake and we will provide balloons in the colors of your choosing. Cake smashers are encouraged to wear whatever they like as long as their bottoms are covered, we like a mess but not that kind of a mess.  Also, if they haven't tried cake yet, give them a taste before attending the session.  They will dig in a lot more! 

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