We have all heard from someone older than us say,  "Time goes by fast, so enjoy your children. Enjoy these days when they are young."  We quickly realize this is a very true statement.

My Devotion to Portraiture

In the beginning we think we will always remember the little moments, but soon we realize we can’t rely on our memories alone. So, we try hard to write down little tidbits that are said and done and snap away with our camera phones. We quickly acquire thousands of snapshots but rarely take the time to get prints made and therefore they live on our computer.

For my family and your family, my intention is to create wall portraits.  Art in your home that will bring up emotions of joy and endearment. I know it’s true for me and I believe it is for you, that we all want to be reminded of the beauty of our youth, the beauty of our families and the relationships we've created. With time moving so quickly it’s important to have timeless art  of our families.

I focus on being a print artist, meaning; I want to put finished heirloom quality art: framed portraits, portraits on canvas, albums etc. in your home. I know  and understand there is an  enjoyment to  sharing on social media with our family and friends.  We are proud parents; however, having a wall portrait  is more real, more impactful, more treasured, more meaningful to us and our children and that is why I work to deliver you the best imagery and print products. There are several different sessions structured to give you more than snapshots, more than social media post, and more than files on your computer. That being said, there are a few different prices and products available for you, some of which include archival digital files.

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